What is a lawn mower? – A lawn mower is a machine use to cut grass. Lawnmowers use spinning blades to cut grass to an even, attractive level. They come in many different types, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Many of them can be adjusted to cut grass at multiple heights, using a simple lever system that’s easy to master.

The cutting blades themselves are propelled by the mower moving forwards. There are two main types of lawn mower:  Lawn mower on a vertical axis, and those on a horizontal axis. The former is known as a “rotary mower”, and will typically be powered by an electric or petrol motor. The latter is known as a “cylinder” or “reel” mower, and are often manually operated.

Both types have their strengths and weaknesses, which this article will explain, to help you make the right choice when it comes to buying a new lawn mower.

Characteristics of  Lawn Mowers

Cutting Quality: Rotary vs. Cylinder Lawn mowers

By far the most important aspect of a cutting system is just how well it cuts your grass. This will be determined largely by the type and length of grass you want to cut.

Rotary Lawn mowers

Rotary lawn mowers are more suited to medium-to-long grass. Thanks to their vertically positioned blades, they can quickly cut away at this longer grass. Many rotary mowers also come with a mulching blade, which gives some of the goodness contained in the trimmings back to the lawn for healthier grass. Mulching blades are often known as “3-in-1” mowers. They do three things at once: mow the lawn, produce mulch, and collect excess trimmings into a bag for easy disposal. Hover and tractor mowers take the rotary model and adapt them for different uses.

Cylinder Lawn mowers

Cylinder mowers, on the other hand, are more suited to shorter grass. They work better on flat, even surfaces. Cylinder mowers don’t work very well on long grass or weeds. They work by moving the blades in a kind of scissor effect, to produce a nice, even finish on the lawn. They also come with rollers attached, so that the grass is pressed down to produce the popular bowling-green effect as you go. It’s recommended that you sharpen the blades on your cylinder mower regularly for the best results.

There’s a lot to consider when buying a lawn mower for the first time. Most importantly, you should consider the size of your lawn and the length of your grass. You’ll also need to think about a few other factors, too. If you hate cleaning up the lawn, then consider buying a mower with a rear box that picks up the trimmings as you go. Since lawn mowers are a lasting investment, you should make your decision carefully before you buy.

Lawn mowers by power source: Gasoline, Electric, and Push (manual)

Lawn mowers have three main power sources- gasoline, electricity, and manual power.

Gasoline powered lawn mowers

Most modern gas lawn mowers use just the one engine. They offer outstanding blade rotation, allowing for an excellent cut. However, they are complicated machines, and it is therefore important that you know what you’re getting into before you start to use a gas powered mower.

Gasoline powered lawn mower

The advantages of a Gasoline powered lawn mower

Gas lawn mowers are well-known for their versatility. They can cut through all sorts of grass types with ease. They typically come with between four and seven horsepower- anything lower than four probably isn’t worth your time or money. Since they are cordless, gas lawn mowers are great for large gardens where range and maneuverability are important. They are also convenient to use. There’s no need to wait for a battery to recharge, as you can refill the tank with gasoline at any time. While they do require some maintenance, any repairs to your gas lawn mower will be cheap. Finally, gas mowers are safer than electric mowers.  There’s no risk of electrocution from wet grass or severed power cords.

The disadvantages of a Gasoline powered lawn mower

Gas powered lawn mowers are by far the noisiest kind, which puts many people off. The need for regular maintenance can also be a turn off. Gas mowers also produce a lot of emissions, so aren’t the most environmentally friendly option. Fuel powered lawnmowers produce have higher noise levels than electric lawnmowers. A higher maintenance option, gas lawnmowers require regular maintenance. They are also rather heavy, meaning some people find them difficult to use.

Tips for Gasoline powered lawn mower

Gas lawn mowers can work to their full power on larger lawns, where their power and mobility really come into play. You should also think about the cost of fuel, and the disruption that their noise may cause to your neighbors, before you buy.

One useful piece of advice is to choose a gas lawn mower with an overhead valve, which helps to reduce carbon emissions and limits the amount of smoke produce. You’ll want to regularly maintain your gas mower to get the most use out of it.

Electric powered lawn mowers

Electric lawn mowers come in two main varieties- corded and cordless. In recent years, corded mowers have fallen out of fashion and most electric lawn mowers now come with a rechargeable battery. They often use multiple batteries to allow the mower to work for an extended period of time. They have the added benefit of increased maneuverability and range when compared to corded models, too.

Electric powered Lawn Mower

The advantages of electric powered lawn mowers

Electric lawn mowers are very low maintenance, especially when compared to gas mowers. There’s no need to change the oil, fix the engine, or risk spilling fuel on your lawn, meaning many casual users prefer them. They are also a more eco-friendly choice, as they produce less emissions. While they do still make some noise, they are far quieter than gas lawn mowers.

The disadvantages of electric powered lawn mowers

The corded version of electric powered mowers offers limited mobility, making it less ideal for larger lawn spaces. Corded versions also carry increased risk of electrocution as the possibility of cutting the power cord has to be taken into account. Due to being battery powered, electric mowers have a shorter running time than gas ones- typically around an hour- before you’ll need to recharge. They also can’t deal with varied grass heights very well. Since they have the potential to cause electrocution, you shouldn’t use them on wet grass.

Tips for electric powered lawn mowers

Electric and gas mowers can be expensive in the short term, but they could actually save you money in the long run. Be sure to read through the safety instructions carefully before using your mower for the first time, so that you don’t wind up hurting yourself.

Push, manual operated lawn mower

Although other types of lawn mower are more advanced, manual mowers still remain a popular choice due to their affordability and compact size. They are powered by the user physically pushing the mower across the grass to spin the blades.

Manual powerd Lawn mower

The advantages of  push, manual operated lawn mower

While they might not be the most efficient, manual lawn mowers are a real green choice, since they produce no emissions. They are also long-lasting with the right maintenance, and are silent compared to motor-powered mowers. They also allow the user to produce a whole range of different patterns on the lawn, to give a unique touch to your garden. Some gardeners also suggest that manual lawn mowers are better for your lawn’s health. They produce mulch, and add to the soil quality of your garden.

The disadvantages of  push, manual operated lawn mower

Since they require a lot of physical effort, push lawn mowers can be tiring to use. They are definitely more suited to smaller spaces than large lawns. They are also relatively high-maintenance, and can require multiple passes to achieve an even cut.

Tips for push, manual operated lawn mower

This kind of lawn mower is best used on smaller yards. Consider the inclination of your yard. If your garden is on the side of a steep hill, this type of lawn mower may not be ideal for mowing your lawn. You’ll also have to be careful for any objects that can get caught in your blades while mowing your lawn. Avoid using this type of lawn mower on sandy or rocky lawns.

If you’re a gardener with limited mobility, think about the torque of the machine you want to buy. Most push lawn mowers will come equipped with a bag to capture clippings. You can also opt to leave the clipping bag unattached, allowing your lawn to be easily mulched.

Push lawn mowers often come in “3-in-1” versions, which bag up the grass cuttings as they go for easier disposal.

It’s vital that you ensure your push lawn mower’s blades stay sharp. You’ll want to buy an effective sharpening kit to get the most use out of your mower. While you won’t need to use it for a while, it will come in handy if you start to find that the mower isn’t cutting as well as it should be.

Commercial lawn mowers: Tractor-pulled, Hover and Robotic

For larger spaces, such as public parks and fields, there are a few more specially designed types of lawn mowers that may be more suitable for your purpose.

Zero turn mower commercial

Tractor pulled lawn mower

Often used in large parks and gardens, tractor pulled mowers work in much the same way as manual push reel mowers, except that due to their increased size, they are attached to a tractor or similar vehicle.

Hover lawn mower

Hover lawn mowers, as you may have guessed, use a cushion of air (created by the spinning blades) to float above the ground, making them very easy to maneuver, since there is no friction involved. They are therefore a popular choice for hilly lawns and areas with a lot of weeds.  They make the job that little but easier. Hover mowers are most commonly seen being used to trim golf courses. They are also widely used in many large public spaces.

Robotic lawn mower

Robotic lawn mowers are a recent development, and currently only operate within an enclosed space. However, as the name suggests, robotic lawn mowers are able to cut large areas of grass efficiently and effectively, without the need for a human operator. They are cable of cutting areas of several acres at a time.

robotic lawn mower Robomow RS630



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