I choose Zero Turn Mowers because……?

What Is a Zero Turn Mower?

Zero Turn Mowers, or ZTRs, are able to complete a perfect rotation on the spot- very handy for reaching those difficult spots on your lawn, and very fun to drive around. Zero turn mowers are easy to get used to. Since they don’t have an acceleration and brake pedal. They steered using handles on either side to control each individual wheel. This means that they need regular servicing, but it also gives you an unprecedented control over your machine.

Zero Turn mowers

How Do You Drive a ZTR Mower?

Essentially, driving a ZTR mower is like pushing a shopping trolley. You push both handles forward, and the further you push them, the faster you will go. To slow down, simply ease off the handles. Steering is simple, too- to turn on way, push the corresponding handle forwards while keeping the other one in neutral. This spins one wheel while keeping the other one still, so that the mower can make a complete, 360-degree rotation on the spot.