I’m often asked by friends and people around the net “what is the best lawn mower”. I’am always stoned by this question. Because it carries so many layers and so many sub- questions as to what is the best?. We wrote an article a few months ago to show what we thought were some of the best lawn mower under $600.

You noted in our title that we were very specific- in this case we used value to define the range but we failed to dive deeper. That’s why still so many questions remain unanswered.




In our post “what is a lawn mower 101?” we gave a brief introduction to the lawn mower. So i believe those reading this post are already well familiar with a lawn mower and probably own a couple like we do. If you are not yet well familiar with what is a lawn mower, i will recommend you checking our post. Now lets dive into what is the best lawn mower-Tractor?


What is the Best Lawn mower-Tractor?

As we all know the word best is very subjective. It always depends on the individual and the situation. Let us start by defining the word best. From the dictionary the adjective best is define as the most excellent or desirable type or quality.

To then select the best lawn mower, we have looked at these characteristics: type and quality. Beyond those two characteristics, you have to define the purpose of the lawn mower-tractor. For example if you are looking for lawn mower to start a business you won’t buy a scotts 2000-push reel as it is totally inadequate.

Therefore being specific about the purpose the lawn mower is paramount. If you are not specific, it would be like saying Michael Jordan is the best athlete in the world which is false in my opinion. MJ is the best basketball player of all times. I think you get my point.

Let us dive deeper on how to choose the best lawn mower. To do so you have to look at:

  • Purpose:  you have to ask your self the question- which type of problem do i want to solve? maybe you would like to start a new lucrative lawn mowing business or you are just looking for a lawn mower to mow your 1 square meter garden. Either way being specific about the problem will help you select the best lawn mower for that case.


  • Price: Price is an important factor unless you have unlimited  resources to spend on a mower. The price enables you to keep your range tight. In our post the best lawn mowers under $600 we provided you our selection of what we considered the best lawn mowers. But rather than be vague as most, we were specific including a range and choosing different types of mowers base on quality and affordability. Our selection is suitable for new comers looking for a lawn mower for their garden.If you want a more professional mower, check our post on how to choose a lawn tractor.


  • Type/Quality – The type and quality go hand in hand here. You have to make sure that the model you are choosing is of quality and meets your standards. For instance i’m quite tall, my model needs to have adequate reach to avoid lower back pain. My favorite is the GreenWorks 25022It meets my standards, it is easy to maintain and provide an excellent work. If you don’t know which type to choose from, check our selection of  types of Lawn mowers – In this section, we selected some of the best lawn mowers for you to choose from.


It is never easy to make the best choice, that’s why we often seek advise and recommendation from friends and the internet. If this post was useful to you leave me a comment below with topics you would like me to bring more light on