Mulching and Collection Lawn Tractors

When you’re mowing a large area of grass, you’ll naturally be left with a lot of clippings. How you dispose of these will actually have an impact on the lawn itself. You can either compost them with the rest of your garden waste, or mulch them, putting them straight back into the lawn.

Rear Collection Mowers

These cheaper versions use the natural airflow from the mower to collect up the clippings and store them in a bag for easy disposal later. Some models instead use a power sweeper, or feature an integrated rear collection system. However, if you don’t want to collect up the clippings, you can install a deflector that will distribute them instead.

If you choose a rear collection mower, then check the size of the collection bag. If it’s small, you’ll have to keep stopping to empty it while mowing the lawn- although this will be easier than if it were a larger, heavier bag.

Rear Collection Lawn Tractor Mowers

Side-Discharge Mowers

These lawn tractors come with a mid-mount cutting deck that directly sprays the clippings out sideways if you don’t wish to collect them up.