If you are like me, a mower enthusiast, you had probably like this one too. We all know robot lawn maintenance has been around for a while now. They free us from the lawn heavy chores and allow us to do other things while the lawn is being taken care of.

In our section types of lawn mowers, we selected some of the top robot lawn mowers for you. This newest one is the exceptional Kobi lawn care mower. This bad boy is still in production but it has attracted already tons of enthusiast. Kobi lawn care mower is still in pre-order.

What is KOBI?

Kobi lawn care mower is a modular robot 3 in 1. Kobi comes with three different modules: one for mowing your lawn, one for removing your leaves and one for removing your snow. Isn’ that fantastic!!

This lawn mower is manufactured by the Kobi company and the current price tag is $4000. The price tag is quite hefty compared to other robot mowers out there. But if you are thinking about the multi purpose that Kobi mower brings, this could be the solution to all your year long lawn problems.

Kobi LawnMower Kobi Lawn care Mower

Kobi lawn care mower Product Specifications

The Kobi lawn care mower comes equipped with a silent brush less motors with lithium battery. Kobi is fully autonomous and can go up to 2mph. The modular function allows to cover up to 7 acre of lawn, 3 acre for the leaf module and 0.37 acre of snow.

Kobi comes with the turf saving tires for the lawn and leaf while the deep lug snow tires are for the snow modules. It has an equipped obstacle avoidance sensor and an anti theft system.

Kobi is controlled through an app. It allows the user to track the position of the mower via the GPS integrated tracker. The Kobi lawn care mower can mulch your lawn and throw snow up to a distance of 40 ft. The integrated technology of Kobi allows for a wireless communication and can also forecast the weather for you.

Kobi lawn care mower product specifications
Kobi lawn care mower product specifications

The Kobi has thoughtfully designed. It you looks amazing with the mix of blue, black and grey. It is compact, light and do not require much space for store or much time for maintenance.

Kobi looks like the best solution for all your lawn problems as it frees your time for several other chores and keeps your lawn healthy.